BC Communications Committee:

Communications Committee (BCcomms). 

Purpose. The Communications Committee (BCcomms) is responsible for administering the Business Constituency’s New Media and Communication’s strategy. This committee provides the BC membership and her publics with news, information, and updates about our organization and priorities. The Communications Committee, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is responsible for gathering and delivering electronic news on an ongoing basis.

The BC Communications Committee (BCcomms) is expected to help in the creation of content that can serve as general information, advocacy and outreach materials across a variety of mediums. Such content would be fit for use in our periodic newsletters, on our social media channels and on the BC website. The Communications committee would be responsible for the creation and publication of a softcopy version of our BC Newsletter envisioned to be published on the first day of every month and periodically as necessary, whilst a hardcopy version before or during every ICANN public meeting will be sustained.

The electronic newsletter asides featuring news items around the work of the BC and what some BC members in their various spheres of endeavor are undertaking, would also advertise opportunities of businesses within and external to current BC membership. A regular feature would be a spotlight on an existing member of the BC, whilst new members joining the BC would also be featured in a section.

The committee will constantly review the existing BC website(s) and recommend improvements to all spheres including all social media handles of the BC. They are to help ensure the BC website remains user friendly and fully automated to meet all member needs.

Composition. The BC’s Communications Committee will be comprised of the Chair and 4 Business Constituency Members (5 in total) if there are sufficient volunteers; otherwise, composition will be the Chair and 2 Business Constituency Members. If more than 5 members of the Business Constituency volunteer for service on the Communications Committee, an open election of the Business Constituency membership will be held. Volunteers will be elected or affirmed by the membership for a term of up to two years with a single one-year term extension possible. The composition of BCcomms should endeavor to achieve geographic diversity always.

Duties. The overall objective of the BC’s Communications Committee is to establish an effective information sharing process between the membership of the BC and stakeholders in the community and industry. The communications committee will have the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain an effective communication strategy for the BC
  • Coordinate with the Vice-Chair of Finance and Operations to ensure that a database of Members and relevant stakeholders, including appropriate contact information, is maintained for circulation of news items in line with ICANN’s ethics
  • Work in close cooperation with the other committees and working groups of the BC to provide timely and relevant information to members.
  • Direct, monitor and implement activities associated with the production, publication, printing and distribution of BC news and information via digital or other media means, as appropriate.
  • Identifies projects, approaches and activities that will enhance and increase effectiveness of the BC’s communications strategies.
  • Create new content and update existing media bearing information on the BC within the ICANN eco-system and community
  • Leverage existing ICANN structures to publicizes all BC events and initiatives
  • Proofread all news content to be published by the BC for accuracy of Intent and errors.
  • Provide linkage for the BC by developing and maintaining a network of interested organizations and professionals that will publicize the BC and its opportunities.

The committee of three to five members would elect its own chair and present a budget to the ExCom through the finance committee during the BC budget planning cycle. Only current members of the BC in good financial standing are expected to serve on the Communications Committee. Members currently serving on two committees of the BC would not be eligible to serve on a third. This does not however apply to working parties as they are short termed in nature. The Vice-Chair for Finance and Operations shall serve as the committee’s liaison to the BC ExComm.


Vivek Goyal

2 Yusuph Kileo   Member
3 Toba Obaniyi   Member
 4 Joseph Ambali   Member