Outreach [beta]

As part of the BC's ongoing dedication to engaging commercial and business users around the world, the Constituency remains actively involved in outreach activities via ICANN sponsored events, and other relevant events at international and regional levels. At times, the BC will provide guest speakers for conferences and trade associations (in-person and remotely).

To support the BC's outreach engagement activities, the BC utilizes both ICANN, and internal, BC funded programs to support travelers, events and the development of outreach materials.


Overall BC Outreach Strategy

The BC has a broad Outreach Strategy that is focused on growing BC visibility and engagement in ICANN meetings and in selected and related events where business executives and others from the business user communities participate, as well as governments who may influence ICANN’s stability. The broad BC Outreach strategy is described in the BC's 2021 Outreach Strategy, includes a specific segment focused on the use of ICANN’s Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) funds and includes using part of its own membership funds, and other special funds [some of which are supported by ICANN funding] in collaboration with ICANN supported activities to increase engagement of business user companies and to support the broader BC Outreach Strategy.

The BC Outreach Strategy utilizes key approaches:

  • Effective use of CROP to ensure outreach in least engaged regions;
  • Use of BC funds plus partnering with ICANN staff for events both at and external to ICANN for outreach; and awareness, including as speakers and co-sponsors;
  • Development and enhancement of BC materials;
  • Participation in ICANN Newcomers events, including special sessions and Newcomers Booth

Learn more about the BC's Outreach Plan for FY21.

 Travel Support 


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